Lockhart Youth Soccer Association

Early registration is open! Register now to lock in current rates before they change on July 1!

Practice starts in August, games run September through early November

Click on the link below to register as a recreational player ONLY

THANK YOU to our Spring 2023 sponsors:

One Ghost Fitness

   Bevies-2 teams

First Lockhart National Bank  

Carlos Leon & JCL Underground

7H Construction and Septic 

           Lovey Lane

A & S Landscaping

The Clifton Family 

The Beisel Family 

Lions Legacy Athletic Academy  

Unlimited Construction

   Savior Service Co.  

   Chuck Nash Auto Group 

4:12 Kids

Gringo’s Icehouse-2 teams

Aros Air Mechanical  

Aloha Plumbing

The Reyna Network, LLC

VIDA Wellness

JC3 Air, LLC  

Take Me Home Transport 

SoLuna Counseling and Trauma Specialist        

F/C Racing Stables  

Finisher & Texture Jr. Santos

Michael D Trucking                                

JMS Remodeling  


N & L Tire Service

Epic Communications, Inc 

Pinwheel Place                                            

Chisholm Trail Clinic of Chiropractic

Pegasus Schools, Inc

Smitty's Market 

Hercules Concrete Construction

Our Team Sponsors!

 Smitty's Market

Chisholm Trail Clinic of                   Chiropractic

   Savior Service Co

F/C Racing Stables

Michael D Trucking

COVID 19 Precautions

For parents/players: 

1. If you are sick or have symptoms of an illness, STAY HOME. Stay home regardless of what is causing your illness.

2. If you are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 practice self-quarantine measures and contact your physician.

3. To discontinue quarantine and return to sport, obtain appropriate clearance from your medical provider.

5. The coach and club need to be informed if any possible exposures have occurred in your home. Parents (not the minor player) should communicate with the club or coach.

The participant should have a daily temperature check for low grade fever (>100.4.) at home before a practice/game. If you have a fever or any other symptoms, do not go to training. 

 Each player is recommended to bring at least two bottles of water to training, to limit the need for refills. You should not share water bottles and are not recommended to use public water fountains. Names should be clearly marked on water bottles.