Youth Soccer Association

About our organization


Lockhart Youth Soccer Association was established to promote and enhance the soccer culture in the Lockhart, TX area with the objective of providing a positive soccer experience for youth players at all levels. The club was founded on principles of integrity, loyalty and commitment that serve as its foundation. With these ideals, players, coaches, volunteers and parents can truly be united in their goal of a successful organization.


We offer recreational soccer teams from U4-U19 and select teams for ages U11 and up.


Recreational soccer is a great environment for fun and learning basic soccer skills . Any players new to the sport that are considering joining a recreational team should be made aware of the following:

  • Rec soccer is very affordable if you are interested in joining the sport.

  • Playing time is guaranteed. Every player who registers will play at least 50% of the time.

  • No tryouts are necessary to join a team.

  • There are 1-2 practice days weekly and most games are on Saturday, making it easier on the family schedule.


Select soccer is geared towards competitiveness and higher level skills training. Any players considering making the jump to a select team should be made aware of the following:

  • Select soccer is more expensive than recreational soccer. It can incur costs from tournaments, uniforms, and travel expenses as well as a higher registration fee.

  • Players will still play at least 50% of the time except at the highest levels. Select teams start at the U11 age group.

  • There is an increased chance for high-level development.

  • You will be required to try out for a specific team and will be chosen by the coach according to ability.