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Information for Referees


If you’ve played before, been a parent/coach/assistant, or just have a love for the game then we encourage you to become a certified referee. Classes/clinics are offered to educate you on the Laws of the Game and provide an entry level introduction into officiating youth soccer games.

Please visit the South Texas Soccer Referees website www.stsr.org to learn more and visit the clinics page to see what clinics are currently available www.stsr.org/AvailableClinics.aspx .

For entry level, Grade 8 is the starting point for youth referees. Grade 8 is a fully qualified referee capable of doing all youth age groups. Our Referee Assignor will place referees based on their experience level and capability. Once you become certified you are eligible to work as a referee. Please contact us so that they know you are available.

Cost expectations:

There is a clinic fee and USSF registration fee required to become a referee. There is also an annual fee to recertify each year. LYSA reimburses a portion of these fees for our referees.

There is an initial cost for your uniform and gear. A new referee should expect to pay around $60 for a “starter kit”, which includes approved shirt, shorts, socks, whistle, flags, and report book with red/yellow cards. Basic short sleeve gold would be the starting shirt. A more experienced referee should expect to add additional colors (gold, green, blue, red, and black are available) and possibly long sleeve for colder weather officiating.

Pay levels for referees vary by competition level and age group. Please contact us for current pay rates.

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